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Meet Letitia

"The Social Architect"


I have been helping to guide people in matters of mental health, abundance, relationships and self-awareness/spiritual growth for over 20 years. My clients are ready to invest in their personal and spiritual growth and are not afraid to take an honest look at themselves, their lives and their relationships, re-evaluate their thought patterns, and set sail toward a balanced new frontier.

I am an advocate for mental health and wellness and the woman behind the company Looseleaf, which has become a wellness hub. Leveraging my knowledge of artistry, academic background, and extensive experience in social work, mindful living, and wellness, I inspire healthy living. This is done through practical hands-on experiences, and empowering lifestyle changes through educational offerings and lifelong learning opportunities. Outside of the education and certifications below, I have also obtained extensive training in corporate wellness and trauma. 

The yoga philosophy in combination with the Word of God has been an intricate piece to my healing journey and continues to be a tool in my personal life and work. My yoga practice combines scripture with movement, resulting in a true mind, body, and spirit connection. My intention is to bring awareness to the long-term physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits of incorporating, faith, consistent mindfulness tools, and additional holistic wellness practices into the lifestyles of individuals and organizations.


It is rewarding for me to return what I have been blessed with in order to help sow seeds of faith, mindfulness, and wellness in communities locally and globally, making healthy living more approachable, accessible, and inclusive.  

Hey Y'all ...


Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

(Licensed in Virginia & Florida) 

Norfolk State University

Master of Social Work (MSW)

Norfolk State University

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)


LCSW Clinical Supervisor (ACS, QS)

(Certified in Virginia & Florida) 

The Mindfulness Center (SOMA Program)

Certified Meditation Teacher

My Vinyasa Practice 

Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT-200)

The Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy (IMP)

Certificate in Mindfulness & Psychotherapy

"My work is devoted to spiritual growth, sharing and gaining wisdom, studying and teaching, and the empowerment and healing of people." 


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All Hands In

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


"Mindfully Cultivating Peace"

I am passionate about the growth and continued healing of the black community and working towards creating equitable and inclusive spaces for us. I seek to empower and educate us toward wellness. Seeing us thrive is of utmost importance in my mission towards creating spaces for healing. I work to change the conversation and perspective when it comes to the black community due to our intergenerational trauma and the systemic barriers towards continued resiliency that we continue to battle against. Let's work to create intentional well spaces for our healing within organizations that we worship and work in and the communities that we live in. 


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