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Registration Forms

The workshop(s) below are currently under contract with various organizations; therefore, any promotional videos that you see, may be pertaining to a specific organization.  Anyone can feel free to watch a video.  If you see a workshop that you would like facilitated with consumers or employees at your organization contact us. 


If there is a workshop that you are seeking out that requires a registration form to be completed, please locate your desired workshop below and you will soon receive a follow up from Letitia Laurien or a designated LooseLeaf consultant.  If you do not receive an email a week prior to your workshop start date, contact us. Thank you. 

Click on the link for your desired workshop/class. 

Mindset Coaching Workshop


  • Controlling thought patterns

  • Understanding how Mindsets are created

  • Rewiring your mind: Initiating Mindset shifts

  • How to prevent mental health disorders 

  • Maintaining a healthy mindset

  • Ways to control “The Negativity” within and outside of the mind 

  • Coping Tools to control your life before someone else does

  • Creating healthy circles to maintain a growth mindset

  • How to create and maintain a healthy environment that you can thrive in

  • And More ...

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