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Conscious  Services

In our continued efforts to take "conscious" steps toward healing, all services can be tailored for individuals or groups.  Trainings and workshops are available through our "Community-Based" services.  Packages can also be customized for work-site wellness programs or community groups. Our services can also be supplemental to organizational and small-group retreats. 


Individual and group therapy sessions are available through our "Clinical & Coaching Services".  Lastly, because we are a teaching organization, our "Clinical Internships" are for those students who are seeking out clinical hours toward licensure to become a "Clinically Conscious Clinician". 


  • Emotional Intelligence Building for Effective Leadership

  • Being a Conscious Leader

  • Cultivating Compassion in the Work Place

  • Creating a Mindful Work Environment

  • Implementing Mindfullness Meditation Spaces in the Workplace to Increase Productivity

  • Mindfulness & Physiology: The Stress Reaction Cycle, and How Stress Affects Our Brain and Our Health

  • Mindfulness as it Relates to Effective Communication 


  • Adapt therapy modalities to the client's unique needs, problem areas, and preferences

  • The Roots of Mindfulness: A General Introduction 

  • Understanding the philosophy of Yoga

  • Cultivating Attention and Compassion

  • Providing resources and information on managing symptoms and triggers

  • Self-Reflection Exercises

  • Meditation Education

  • Breath Work

  • Relaxation, Worry, & Thoughts

  • Creating a Daily Practice


  • Compassion Practices

  • How to Create a Daily Practice

  • Cultivating Present-Moment Awareness

  • Non-Judgmental Attitude

  • Cognitive Restructuring

  • Acceptance of Difficult Experiences

  • Self-Compassion

  • Integration of Mindfulness into Daily Life

  • Cultivating Attention and Compassion

  • Self-Reflection Exercises

  • Meditation Education

  • Breath Work

  • Cultivating Mindful Presence

  • Creating a Reflective Practice

  • Cultivating Compassion in the Supervisory Role

  • Cultivating Self-Compassion

  • Cultivating Sensitivity

  • Growth-Focused Feedback

  • Ethical Awareness

  • Addressing boundary crossings

  • Exploring treatment approaches

  • Exploring biases, values, and countertransferences

  • Developing a Holistic Practice 

Contact Us by clicking the link so that we can discuss how we can work together to bring about wisdom, empowerment, and healing within you and/or your community. 

Let's Work Together

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