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Learn To Navigate Mind, Body, & Spirit Within & Around You

Journey with Letitia Laurien

Meet Letitia

Mental Health  & Wellness Architect

My mission is to create spaces for people to heal.  I consider myself a "Social Architect", one who designs and builds what I call "Intentional Communities". Mental health and wellbeing are my building environments. I take conscious steps to create spaces for healing work to be done.  Whether its through group dialogue, mind-body work, wellness workshops, community seminars, writing, or teaching a course;  I'm creating healing spaces.  My ultimate aim is to guide you back to your inner wisdom, finding peace within, and restoration for yourself.  To learn more about my professional journey, make a pit stop below. 


There are a few ways that you can engage with me. One route is following me on Looseleaf's social media platforms, and second, becoming a subscriber to stay up to date on what I'm doing, where I'm doing it, and how I can assist you. As you journey through the website you will stumble across many opportunities to join our subscriber list. Are you ready to start your healing journey?  


Conscious Classes & Services

Mindful Living Workshops

Worksite Wellness Seminars

The Mindful Therapist Training

Mental Health Trainings

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The Podcast for Mindful Living

"Welcome to the Healing Playground"

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The Journey Towards Wellness Begins With You. 

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